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Banking and Financial Services

UTIS offers end-to-end solutions in Deposits, Wholesale Banking, Consumer Credit Core Systems, Cash Management, Payment Platforms, Operational Risk Management, Account Aggregation, Wealth Management, Cards, Cross-Channel Banking and Lending. UTIS also has a strong presence in BPO for mortgage processing, deposit operations, cards processing and customer contact centers.

UTIS's Securities and Capital markets practice helps the global financial industry to respond to emerging and changing trends through its expertise. Through deep understanding of information management services, appreciation of the business drivers of the industry, commitment to innovation and a global delivery model, UTIS offers unparallel advantage to partners in this fast-paced global financial industry. With strong expertise in the area of securities and capital markets, UTIS partners with leading investment banks, investment management firms and stock exchanges in the world with state of the art technology solutions to address business priorities like operational efficiency, cost optimization, revenue enhancement and regulatory compliance.

Within the securities and capital markets, UTIS has dedicated focus on providing solutions in the Buy Side (Asset Management), Sell Side (Brokerage) and Exchange / Marketplace domains, a key advantage that sets it apart from competition. These focused practices have enabled UTIS to achieve deep domain expertise in the securities space and has proven to be a significant differentiator in providing tailor made solutions to clients.

UTIS's domain intensive service delivery framework enables it to provide the above integrated service offerings with specialized domain competencies in asset management, brokerage and exchange / marketplaces.













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