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Enterprise portals have become very crucial in maintaining a uniform flow of relevant information through a one-point source. Value-add provided by enterprise portals could vary from domain to domain. In retail & manufacturing scenarios enterprise portal could play a pivotal role in the value chain integration. Whereas in a utilities perspective, enterprise portals could be used to aggregate and automate filed application related tasks. In the banking and financial services sector, portals deliver operational efficiencies and boost employee productivity. In the telecom domain, portals are critical for customer service applications.

Apart from clearly defined business requirements, an efficient enterprise portal implementation involves well-defined architecture definition and proper utilization of industry standard frameworks. For an implementation using a standard platform like Sun, BEA or IBM, designs should efficiently utilize the platform provided interfaces and frameworks.

UTIS has a dedicated group of consultants who constantly work with the latest versions of the platform and generate a library of re-usable assets. This includes standard portlets, components, algorithms and even implementation best practices. These artifacts not only facilitate rapid development (thus reducing the effort involved) but also ensure the highest standards in the quality of deliverables.

Key Offerings

  • Cost-benefit & ROI analysis
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Usability Design
  • Application Consolidation & Migration











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